Sheep Dog Training

  Sheepdog training days 

  Jun 19, 2016 10am - 4pm

  Jul 17, 2016 10am-4pm

Some dogs can and some dogs can't but more often it is the handler who isn't up to scratch! These days are a chance to have your own dog assessed for herding ability but also a chance to work with trained dogs and see how amazing these dogs can be. Some time is spent reviewing sheep behaviour in order to manage situations more effectively.

  Jun 18, 201610am- 4pm

Sheep Management - FEC, worming strategies and flock management planningFlock management is so important as part of a shepherd's job and also the old addage "a stitch in time saves nine" is so important to a more easily managed flock. It is about worker smarter not harder. Reviewing worm counts rather than just worming to a schedule can make a massive difference to your flock from a health perspective as well as a financial one.