Agility Classes

Somerset West Agility Training. 

 SWAT competes successfully with members producing great results in both local and national competitions. There are now over 50 dogs on the membership list - some doing agility for fun and fitness but with a large majority who do compete.

SWAT has become the most successful south west based agility club in the national league tables, having reached The Agility Club's Premiers Division. This has been achieved by consistent teaching, having fun, recognising the specific needs of individual partnerships and planning their training accordingly - no two partnerships are the same and this has to be a huge consideration in methods and systems taught.SWAT do not advocate the use of harsh training methods/handling. SWATfirmly believes that your dog is your pet and friend, first and foremost, if it competes at agility then that's a bonus. We do not tolerate dog owners who rehome dogs purely based upon the animals ability to succeed in agility. Agility is a hobby.